The passage from Brindisi to the Aeolian Islands has been tough: the first two days we had a force-7 gale, initially on the stern and later abeam, with rather high seas which managed on a couple of occasions to splash in our cockpit.

Shaula behaved quite well and we were clearly much better accustomed to the boat’s motion, but then we arrived near the Messina Straits and there disaster struck again, with the engine acting up again: the passage along the Straits has been rather unnerving, with Shaula sometimes rotating idly in the current flow, with no wind and the engine that refused to accelerate above idling speed, and plenty of ships charging along the Straits with no concern whatsoever for our troubles….

Needles to say, we did not sleep much….right, all this was by night (but at least this meant we had a favourable current).

After having entered the Tyrrenian Sea, considering that there was no wind at all, I made some further checks on the engine which allowed us to reach Stromboli Island.

We moored to a buoy in front of the village of Scari, and dropped asleep.

After a short visit ashore, we left to circle the island and then go towards Lipari.

The volcano greeted us with a show of rocks thrown up and then rolling down the “Fire slide”, splashing in the water near us (TOO near, perhaps?).

In the evening, we berthed in Lipari, where we plan to stay for one day to rest and reorganise.

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