A short recap: we arrived in Carloforte (San Pietro island, SW-Sardinia) already 4 days ago after a rather uneventful passage from Favignana; we even allowed ourselves to spend a night at anchor near Cape Teulada to allow Lorenzo to enjoy his only swim and evening barbecue of the whole cruise…

Sunday night in Carloforte we finish off with a lavish dinner at the “Castello” restaurant that we discovered last year; Monday was then spent recovering (while in the meantime the expected rain had come) and then on Tuesday we shipped Lorenzo home via ferry/Bus/airplane/friends’ car: an 8 hours-trip in total.

Problem now is that the whole of western Europe is under a huge depression that is flooding the Venice area and is giving forecasters the possibility to spend seldom-used terms like “force 8-9, locally 10” (!) or “sea 7” (!!!! 6-METER waves???!!!). Needless to say FROM WHERE the wind is coming: obviously, exactly from where we are going!

Now the weather should be improving, but it remains to be seen if already tomorrow we will be able to set sail or one more day will have to be spent waiting in port.

In the meantime, we do maintenance jobs and spend a lot of time at the local Internet point (NEW PHOTOS ON THE WEB-SITE!).

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