After nearly three days of sailing, here we are, comfortably moored in Palma, in a corner of the harbour, just in front of the gothic cathedral which, by night, is quite a sight!

The passage from Carloforte was uneventful in the first half, until on the second day the engine decided to dye once again; there was clearly air in the fuel lines, which could be seen through the little filter I had added to replace the dubious repair made by Biagio in Lipari.
Maybe the filter itself, a little too small, was the cause of the problem, not making a proper seal with the rubber pipe.
Just in case, while Baby was trying to sail without wind, I made a mechanical surgery job, excanging the two pipes running from the tank to the engine, so that now the inlet pipe is an unbroken one, while the “suspect” pipe with a joint is now the overflow from engine to tank.

Following this repair, the engine ran for over 20 consecutive hours, until we switched it off to take advantage of an increased wind; just for superstition reasons (the Gods of mechanical things are quite touchy, better to take no risks!) I will not venture into any assessment as to whether or not the problem is solved for good.

Arriving in Palma harbour, a bad surprise: october here is still high season, and all marinas are full! In the end, we found a place at a small pier (called Pier 46), which has no services whatsoever (except internet!), much to Baby’s dissappointment (she was dreaming about doing some washing with Real Club Nautico’s washing machines), but at least we are very close the town center.

According to plans, we will sail tomorrow, initially bound for Ibiza and then towards the Spanish coast: Gibraltar is still far away!

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