Hurricanes, yes! The day before yesterday, after the sky had completely cleared from clouds and we were thinking “tomorrow morning we go”, in few minutes the sky has turned pitch black and mayhem began.

We can only testify having seen 60 knots of wind, and that was in short gusts as well, but television newscasts which covered extensively the damage around Palma claimed that winds of 180 Kmh (about 95 knots) had been recorded, and used the term “hurricane”, albeit a bit improperly.

Anyway it was not fun, Shaula was heeled 30 degrees, and we were concerned that our moorings might break.

Yesterday the weather was better, but forecasts were still calling for rain, so we decided to wait one more day and play tourist: we wanted to climb the hill up to Bellver castle, but when we reached the place, we discovered that it was closed to allow repairs to the damage of the previous day!

Back towards town, almost by chance we met the “Pueblo Espagnol”, a replica of all major architectural styles that you can meet in Spain: a fake then, but very well done and realistic, and it offers plenty of nice views.

The touristic day ends at the Corte Ingles, where we stocked up with ready-made food (excellent!) that we ate once back on board.

Today we leave for good: Gib is still far away!

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