At the end of a 50-hour passage, most of which under the iron sail (the engine, for those unfamiliar with the expression), we are anchored in an unreal silence in Cala Genoves, at the eastern tip of Cabo de Gata, the promontory marking the separation between Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

Only 170 miles to reach Gibraltar, where we are expected to be by the week’s end. The idea is to stop somewhere in between, possibly in Almerimar, and from there do the last jump to Gib.

The engine has given us some problems again, although less serious than in previous occasions: it’s more and more apparent that the problem is related to fuel contamination, once in Gib we will have to do a full tank drainage and clean-up, a job I’m eagerly looking forwards to!

The to-do list is getting longer… and in the meantime we have not yet taken a single bath in the sea; quite likely, we won’t today as well, as the water is uninvitingly cold! It looks like it will be for Antigua, then!

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