This is the first question from our neighbors when we berth in Almerimar.
In fact, Almerimar is a very popular stopover with long-range yachts: I counted more metal-hulled boats here than in the whole trip. You see all sorts, from modern-well equipped yachts to old tubs and all-too-obviously-homemade ones.

The town itself is a typical summer second-home establishment, not much unlike those we have in Italy on the Adriatic coast; at this point of the season, it would be empty if it was not for the large yachting community.

At last, Gibraltar is within reach: 130 miles, more or less, and wind is favourable if maybe a little stronger than ideal (at the outer end of the Straits it’s blowing an F8!); we plan to leave tomorrow morning and we should reach Marina Bay on the 12th, as planned.

In the meantime, today we take advantage of the fuel tank being nearly empty to take all fuel out and clean it all, hoping to get rid once and for all of the engine troubles we had until now. Ugh! A very unpleasant job!!

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