We’re in Gibraltar! The passage from Almerimar was marked by favourable wind but rough seas and a strong adverse current, anyway we arrived here in Marina Bay in the early afternoon of the 12th.

As it was to be expected, most Rally boats are already here, although some are empty as their crews has flown back home and will return just in time for the beginning of Rally operations next monday.

Weather is not kind: a strong “levanter” is blowing since several days, and today it rained heavily: it’s cold!!

A short flashback: in Almerimar we emptied and opened the fuel tank: the fuel was spotless, but we found a lot of metallic drillings, presumably left by the yard when they installed some of the tank’s appliances. The fuel inlet pipe had been almost completely obstructed and fuel could not flow.

Let’s hope this is the end of the misterious engine problem!!

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