A short summary of last events: after Almerimar, we reached Gibraltar after a rather uneventful sail which lasted little more than 24 hours, 2 days ahead of the latest arrival date required by the Blue Water Rally organisation.

Most Rally boats were already there, although quite a few of them were empty, their crews having flown back home and planning to show up just in time for the start of rally preparations.

The weather has been typically british, despite we’re actually quite close to Africa, and we had frequent rain and strong winds.

The days are rather busy, with briefings with the Rally staff, frequent evening parties, organised trips and obviously victualling, refueling and doing small and not-so-small repairs.

A specially notable party has been the one hosted by Gibraltar’s Governor, following a century-old tradition: even Joshua Slocum himself was hosted by the Governor of the time, when he stopped here during his solo circumnavigation: let’s hope our tour will be equally successfull!!

The Rally departure is scheduled for 10 a.m. next sunday, october 28th, and we will head towards Puerto Calero on Lanzarote island, Canaries. There, we will do the final preparations for the Atlantic crossing.

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