It was about time, tomorrow we sail off!

The last days have been frantic, with all crews busy buying large quantities of food and preparing their boats in offshore trim.

The meteo is deemed to be “good” because it blows a near gale from the East, and therefore favourable, if a bit strong!…..
Always better than having the same wind against us, as it happened to other rallies.

The departure will be tomorrow morning between Europa Point and a military vessel which will mark the departure line; from there, we will sail along the straits staying close to the Spanish coast in order to avoid the adverse current. Once well to the west of the straits, we will start heading south-west, being carefull to avoid the many passing ships and staying well offshore of the Moroccan coast to avoid the many poorly visible fishing boats.

If all is well, we will arrive in Puerto Calero in 5 or 6 days.

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