At 3 a.m. on friday, november 2nd, we have arrived at Puerto Calero Marina: 640 miles in 113 hours, at the respectable average of 136 miles per day (and the bigger boats exceeded 200 miles per day: just 30 years ago, it would have been a world record!).

We did not particularly appreciate the request of the mariner in duty that we fill immediately two forms for the marina and for immigration (even more so because we had already filled the same forms in Gibraltar….), but aside this little incident the marina is very nice, orderly and very well managed.
Pity that there is no decent shipchandler where to find the spare we need to repair the damage I made to the passerelle support when I fell in the water back in Gibraltar on departure day.

My back is still aching badly, so we spent our first afternoon in Lanzarote in an hospital where an X-ray confirmed that at least I have no broken bones.

The short trip gives us the first opportunity to see the “lunar” landscape of this volcano-riddled island (there are about 300 volcanoes, according to our guidebook).

A curiosity: while we were approaching the island, we got a navigational warning on Navtex, alerting about a possible arrival of locust swarms (the text was saying, quite biblically, “locust plague”): rather unusual, to be sure!  We asked ourselves what we could do if a locust swarm ever reached us!

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