Volcanoes, right!  Lanzarote is literally littered with them, wherever you look you see some (there are a total of over 300), and what is more surprising is the variety of different landscapes. 

The island’s scenery is characterized by the lava fields which covered most of it during the 6 years ( ! ) of eruptions in the early 1700, but the varying rock composition has ensured that each eruption looks different.

ca75ea22991d4d95934ce6096d00a646.jpgExpecially impressive, the Mountains of Fire, in the Timanfaya National Park: it is allowed to visit only by bus, due to the soil’s high temperature (one meter below the surface, the temperature is enough to set fire to bushes that th Park’s wardens throw in for demonstration), or… on camels!

Actually, the camel ride (it’s a dromedary, actually) is very short and not particularly spectacular, but we let ourselves to be tempted by this sort of joyride: our beast was rather reluctant and was walking with a jerking motion which does not feel very safefor the passenger!

4f6715215cb1da319e6c3b6f6137cddd.jpgA week after our arrival, we have toured all the island, which is beautiful and surprisingli clean and orderly: we are definitely not in a third-world place, the whole island seems expecially dedicated to tourism, but you won’t see a misplaced stone even in the most remote places.
And, with the only exception of a tourist-center in a particularly remote part of the island, all buildings comply to a general esthetic criteria which were set by the local artist Cesar Manrique, whose influence is really visible everywhere.

Preparation for departure is progressing at a very quiet pace; we have no major repair to do, while other boats are much busier doing antifouling or other serious repairs, whilequite a few are having a good time like us!
In few days, we will depart for the Atlantic crossing, but the atmosphere aboard haula is very relaxed, too much maybe!

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