In Lanzarote, volcanoes always play a part!

The Rally dinner on Tuesday night was held inside the “Jameos de agua” (a cave inside a lava flow from the nearby Mount Corona volcano, complete with an underground fresh-water lake): at night, the view is stunning!

bd1e9b5f3abd5deba0af2df3e945127b.jpgThe dinner is followed by a double musical show: first the Rally’s own musical ensemble, “The accidental gybe”, followed by a local music and dance group, dressed in local traditional costumes.

Concerning preparation for departure, things are progressing smoothly; the main problem is the weather, due to a depression passing over the Azores and causing a flat calm over all the area south-west of the Canaries, expected to last for several days.

Each crew has different ideas about what to do: some are deciding to anticipate their departure, others have already left, some others are planning to spend few days sailing around the other Canary islands.

We have not yet taken an “official” position, but much likely will confirm departure by saturday morning.

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