We left Lanzarote last saturday in a flat calm, and the first 2 days we mostly motored down along the African coast, staying offshore to avoid meeting unlighted fishing boat, nets, clandestine immigrants’ boats, whatever!

We had no choice of route, as a depression to the west is giving contrary winds and therefore we go south hoping to meet the Trade Winds before reaching the Cape Verde islands.

Little problem, this route is 300 miles longer than the direct rhumb-line.

After two days motoring and few hours with a nice favourable wind which then died down, we now have a light…contrary wind!!

TWO DAYS TACKING against a very light wind and a current which was against us whatever tack we were doing!…

Just to make things more interesting, we also had some very large FOG banks!  Very thick fog, with maybe 100 meters of visibility, in an area where there are a lot of ships…not funny!!

This morning, flat calm again!! The boats ahead of us (almost all the fleet…) say they have no wind as well, while those at the head of the fleet have finally reached the rades and are cannonballing away towards the Caribbean.

We proceed motoring, in the hope to find the wind before we finish the fuel, which would frce us to make a stop for refueling in the Cape Verde islands, not a thought we relish!

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