Last night, flat calm, we surrendered and motored the whole night, consuming the last fuel that we were prepared to use at this stage of the crossing.

Before dark, Baby says “why don’t we start the watermaker while the engine is running?”.

Said, done.

Well, almost!! to start the darned thing, you must prime the water pump, which means filling its pipes with seawater, and to do that you must detach the pipes from somewhere in the bowels of the boat.  we finally manage to do it, and the thing starts and even produces dubious-flavored water.

When we decide it’s enough (this thing has an electricity consumption which is comparable with downtown Manhattan!! 20 Amps!!) we turn the taps on the “flushing” positon (yes, the thing must be flushed with fresh water after each use) a new surprise: the flushing does not work, and after a first examination it turns out that two pipes have been reverted by the yard when they installed the thing!!
No way to fix it now, there is a bulkhead between the two reverted pipes, and now the boat is ROLLING heavily.

Ok,<we can still use the watermaker to produce water, as long as we do it almost daily, we will fix it for good in Antigua.

Darkness comes, and in the flat sea a new fenomenon: a surface plancton, highly phosphorescent, which lights of a bright, green-blue light the edge of our bow-wave: it looks like we have two “V” shaped neon-lights starting from our bows!

Later, the “normal” plancton comes back giving the more usual luminescence to our wake, but also this time with a variance: blobs of light which literally “explode” like miniature depth-charges after our passage! Pim, pum, badabam!!!

Next morning, a bit of favourable wind at last!  We can “turn the corner” and head west, towards a point at 20 degrees north, 30 degrees west which is where Trade Winds are supposed to be: it’s 600 miles away, just a short trip!!

Despite what the forecast says, the sky is cloudy and sometimes it rains for few minutes.

Antigua, first road to the right!!!

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