I want my money back!  The brochure was not mentoning short, steep waves which make you roll 90°, neither of irregular wind which is changing strength and direction every few minutes and certainly was not mentioning the fact that the sky is permanently cloudy with rain every half an hour!!

We have not understood how much this is typical of the Trade Wind belt, or if this is just a common depression which is stationary over our heads and does not want to go away.   The fact that the daily weather forecasts sent by the Rally organisation talk of “dry and sunny” weather does not help much as well.

Yesterday morning, I was sitting in the cockpit, staring in the distance with the empty look of one who slept two hours in the whole night, when I perceive something jumping out of the water in the distance; I focus my stare, and here it is again: a dolphin, taking advantage of the waves to do very long jumps out of the water, at least ten meters long and staying in the air for several seconds, sometimes he even turns belly-up during the flight and falls back in the water back-first.   He is obviously doing it for fun, we are too far from him to be doing it to show-up with us.

He repeats the stunt several times, then runs to join a group of comrades to ride our bows and do the usual tricks that, by comparison, are pretty lame; we barely look at them (did I say we had had very little sleep, didn’t I?).

We continue sailing, this morning we passed the first 1000 miles and the fact that there are still 2000 more to go does not help much with our morale, but in reality everything is more or less ok and we are in good shape: two war machines!!

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