Clouds, still a lot of clouds, it’s officially a depression that may, just may start moving west and get out of the way.   In the meantime, rain and changeable wind which requires continuous sail trimming.

In the early morning, Baby has been slapped in the face by a flying fish: she picked it up and threw it back in the sea: will he survive?  Tough, I believe!
Later, we found another one dead on deck: why do they fly at night?

The day was proceeding normally when we decided to run the watermaker: after a while I go to check, and there is no output: we start checking and after a while we find out that:
a) a pipe has disconnected between the pump and the watermaker, and
b) the bilges are full of seawater!!

In fact, the watermaker’s high-pressure pump was merrily sinking us!!

4 hours to take everything out of the bilges in a rolling boat, pumping out the water and cleaning everything, and now we are roughly back to normal.

Speaking of normality, the night is expected to be squally!

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