Well yes, we are halfway through, we still have to go 1492 miles (1492, just like the year of the discovery of the Americas, let’s hope this is a good omen!!)

Today we did not have rain, although there are still a lot of clouds.   Those ahead of us have bad weather and little wind.

The fleet is now very spread, we are at 35° west and the first ones are at 46°, that is about 600 miles ahead; some are even behind us and have serious trouble at connecting by radio, expecially in the morning.

A curiosity: today we crossed paths with two other sailboats, one was going towards Margarita island (Venezuela) and the other looked like they were going to Brasil: three boats, with three entirely different routes, meeting in the middle of the ocean and passing by the crossing point almost simultaneously!…

Being halfways means that we may take another 12 days to arrive!!  there is no time to get bored, and in case there are the little domestic accidents to keep you busy: this time, a milk bottle which toppled up inside the refrigerator!…

No sightings, neither whales nor dolphins and last night not even flying fishes, while we continue to see birds, this far from land.


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