Les Saintes, more precisely! These islands were called like this by Cristopher Columbus himself, no kidding! The place is very popular and therefore full of boats! We are anchored in front of the only village, Terre-de-Haut, on the island by the same name. The little village is funny, with a mixture of Breton and Carribbean looks, and is made almost … Continua a leggere


Short stop in Pointe à Pitre, Guadaloupe island. For those who do not have it in mind, Guadaloupe is shaped like a butterfly, with Pointe à Pitre just in the middle, between the two “wings” which are as different as it goes: volcanic, mounanous and covered by rainforest the west “wing”, flat and featureless the east “wing”. The Bas-du-Fort Marina … Continua a leggere


Boys, these folks can sing!! I don’t know how they can extract these sounds from steel drums (although in reality they are now custom-made musical instruments) but they do!! Summary: we are moored at Nelson’s Dockyard, and today is Sunday, threfore there is nobody around here, not even the port’s staff: if you arrive by Sunday, bad luck!! In the … Continua a leggere


I was planning to change this title theme, but here it keeps raining….. OK, we are at Nelson’s Dockyard (where in fact Nelson spent some years when he was a young and unknown officer: he had no mayor role in the creation of these premises, but he is now famous, so the rules of marketing demand his name to be … Continua a leggere


We arrived 2 days ago, but only now we find the time to write: it’s been a frantic two days!! A brief summary: the bad weather that was annoying us since two weeks had evolved into “sub-tropical Storm OLGA”, which was creating some concerns among the fleet but in fact we were BEHIND it so we only got some strong … Continua a leggere


OLGA, yes, Olga: the bad weather which is annoying us since two weeks has made up its mind and has started moving west under the name of “Subtropical Storm OLGA”. Not to worry, we are BEHIND the storm, not AHEAD of it, which would be an entirely different situation!  presently, we have 25 Knots of wind and rather tall waves, … Continua a leggere


Eh yes, horrendous day, a rainstorm after another, it looked like Brittany!! Then, all of a sudden, at dusk the sky cleared and we found ourselves in a hole with clouds all around but a starry sky above! There was just one thing missing: wind! We decided to motor for a few hours, continuously asking ourselves “will the fuel be … Continua a leggere