We arrived 2 days ago, but only now we find the time to write: it’s been a frantic two days!!

A brief summary: the bad weather that was annoying us since two weeks had evolved into “sub-tropical Storm OLGA”, which was creating some concerns among the fleet but in fact we were BEHIND it so we only got some strong winds and a bit of a seas, but not much worse than in previous days.

We reduced sail a bit in order to slow down and arrive at dawn, and that’s how it went: at 8 o’clock we were entering Jolly Harbour.   2 hours spent to do Customs, Immigration, Port Authority and then we got a place in the Marina, just to jump off the boat and into a car to reach the other Rally people who were having lunch at a nearby beach restaurant.

Just the time to get some EC Dollars from the bank (ATM’s do not work with most foreign cards), some shopping in the nearby supermarket, and then the Party hosted by the Ministry of Tourism.  Next morning, still stunned by the 47 Rum-Punches of the night before, we cast off to go to English Harbour or, more exactly, to Nelson’s Dockyard, the ancient base of the English fleet in the Carribbean now restored in a Park which is also a working marina.

The place is really stunning, the classical postcard setting, really charming.

Clouds???  Of course, clouds have not stopped and every 2-3 hours a short shower is wetting everybody!!.

Tomorrow, dinghy trip to a nearby beach for a group Barbecue!!

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