I was planning to change this title theme, but here it keeps raining…..

OK, we are at Nelson’s Dockyard (where in fact Nelson spent some years when he was a young and unknown officer: he had no mayor role in the creation of these premises, but he is now famous, so the rules of marketing demand his name to be used!…)

This morning we had to assemble the brand new inflatable tender, which we needed to cross the harbour and reach a beach on the other side where the Rally people is having a barbecue.

First thing, the inflator’s pipe is not of the right size!  Nearly 2000 Euros of inflatable, and you are not even entitled to a working inflator….

A brief interval: I take a ride with another Rally member to cross the harbour on his dinghy and reach the chandler where to buy the american-standard electric plug: price, 540 EC$ (about 160 Euros!!!) Heck, this is extortionate!!
And they also ask us whether we are sure this is the right plug!! (for that price, I would expect THEM to tell us what is the right one!!).

Ok, the tender is inflated, the brand new 6HP Mercury outboard is running, we can go!!

The engine is running a bit roughly, but somehow we reach the beach, all 15 meters of it, where the other are already cooking their meals.

Needless to say, every now and then it rains: 2 minutes, and you are soaked!!

Back onboard, we drop on our bunks.

It rains again.   6 times.   what a bore!!


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