Boys, these folks can sing!!

I don’t know how they can extract these sounds from steel drums (although in reality they are now custom-made musical instruments) but they do!!

Summary: we are moored at Nelson’s Dockyard, and today is Sunday, threfore there is nobody around here, not even the port’s staff: if you arrive by Sunday, bad luck!!

a746ef8df15f1f8588b8a30d0012b1dc.jpgIn the afternoon we went up to Shirley Heights, a hill just in front of English Harbour with a spectacular view on both Engish and Falmouth harbours.

Apparently, half Antigua gathers here on Sundays: there is a steel band playing, and endless barbecues and Rum-Punches (by now, we are stone-drunk!!)

It’s incredible what they manage to get out of their tin drums: this is MUSIC, no kidding!!  Although in fact listening to “Silent Night” played this way is a little odd, they manage a full orchestration.

Funny how they play: many stand in front of their instrument, looking straight ahead into nothing and with their arms extended inside the drum: they just move their hands at an incredible speed!

It’s 8 in the evening and we are falling asleep!! Good night everybody!!

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