Short stop in Pointe à Pitre, Guadaloupe island.

For those who do not have it in mind, Guadaloupe is shaped like a butterfly, with Pointe à Pitre just in the middle, between the two “wings” which are as different as it goes: volcanic, mounanous and covered by rainforest the west “wing”, flat and featureless the east “wing”.

The Bas-du-Fort Marina is OK, well organised and surrounded by all types of shops, but the road to the town goes through an area which looks like a slum; this morning we went to town on our folding bicicles and we liked it so much that we returned by taxi, with our bikes folded in the trunk….

In the afternoon, a heavy rainstorm: it’s still all wet and dripping!

You can see we are in France: only in the Marina, we counted 5 or 6 OVNI’s (besides us, of course!): it looks like they all come this way!

Tomorrow morning, after a quick shopping round in search of:

– “nice-looking” plastic glasses (for when we invite people on board)

– a regulator for the wind generator (probably not working)

– a diving mouthpiece (I managed to lose it!)

we will leave for the “iles des Saintes”, just south of Guadaloupe and reportedly a very nice place, where we will spend Christmas.

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