Les Saintes, more precisely! These islands were called like this by Cristopher Columbus himself, no kidding!

The place is very popular and therefore full of boats!

We are anchored in front of the only village, Terre-de-Haut, on the island by the same name. The little village is funny, with a mixture of Breton and Carribbean looks, and is made almost entirely of restaurants, with the occasional tourist-oriented shop in between.

Yesterday we met PELLE 5, another Rally yacht (a HUGE Hallberg Rassy), which passed the day here before leaving this morning to go straight to the Grenadines.

We will spend the day here, and tomorrow will move to the first island to the south, Dominica.

Today, more sight-seeing and a bit of repair work: I got to fix the wind-generator which is not working.  (Solved!  It was just a blown fuse, the yard had installed a wrong one….).


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