Yesterday’s forecast was calling for 15/20-knot easterly winds and rainsqualls. Now guess: what did the forecast get right and what not? Riiight, squalls aplenty, while the wind is rather lacking and very changeable, both in direction and speed: now you would need a spinnaker, a minute after and it rains and wind blows 30 knots, after a minute it rains … Continua a leggere


According to the forecast, we are still in the middle of the bad weather: not strictly true, as we are in a hole in the cloud cover, which may give us some sunshine for few hours, and then this bad weather is expected to start moving towards the Azores. According to the forecast, we should also be in a flat … Continua a leggere


Boys, what a bore!! We do not see the sun since two days, the sky would be ok in Brittany, light rain comes every so often, and wind is lacking. This morning Baby wanted to hoist the gennaker: “conditions are ideal”, she cried.  Well, after the usual half an hour of preparation, the sail was hoisted…for 3 minutes, with an … Continua a leggere


Boring day: we are at sea since two weeks, and in the last 3 days nothing happened: not a dolphin in sight, no flying fish stamps itself on our topsides, whales are totally absent, and the forecast says that we are heading towards a stationary depression, rich of heavy squalls. Maybe this depression is ahead of us, but also what … Continua a leggere


No, in reality there is not much time to get bored, between intermittent sleep, washing, cooking and eating, some occasional sail handling, a rain shower every now and then, and almost two hours per day at the radio, there is not much time left for resting (or maybe for some small repairs, little jobs, etc.). The top moments are indeed rare: somebody … Continua a leggere