30 miles from the Galapagos we were very anxious: the fuel gauge was reading “zero” since an hour and although the cavalry was coming to the rescue (in the form of a Rally yacht which was carrying us a couple of jerrycans of fuel) we were afraid of finishing the tank content before their arrival, with the subsequent annoyance of … Continua a leggere


The passage to the Galapagos is turning out to be slow and tiresome, with frequent very heavy rains, contrary winds and waves, and now also the current that should be in our favour is flowing the wrong way!! Luckily, before departure we rigged a makeshift sprayhood with a sheet of cellophane taped to the missing sprayhood’s frame: Baby dubbed it … Continua a leggere


Flamenco Marina, besides being very expensive and dirty, is the location of another natural phenomenon: the internet connection which is subject to the tides! In fact here the tide excursion is large, about 5 meters, and when we are down low the wi-fi signal does not reach us! We will not have good memories of this place, although Panama was … Continua a leggere


Being knocked-down has been a bad experience we do not wish to repeat anytime soon, but it has been a great morale booster to receive the solidarity of the other Rally crews as well as that of distant friends. I have to apologize for our difficulties to answer: getting an half-decent internet connection is very difficult in this location, and … Continua a leggere

Repair Jobs and the Panama Canal…

The last two weeks have been frantic: after our arrival in Shelter Bay, we had to immediately tackle the essential repairs to the boat after the knockdown. Expecially critical, the repair to the crosstrees, which required the replacement of some parts: luckily we found a Canadian liveaboard who does rigging jobs and was able to source the spares and do … Continua a leggere