The passage to the Galapagos is turning out to be slow and tiresome, with frequent very heavy rains, contrary winds and waves, and now also the current that should be in our favour is flowing the wrong way!!

Luckily, before departure we rigged a makeshift sprayhood with a sheet of cellophane taped to the missing sprayhood’s frame: Baby dubbed it “the Emperor’s new spraythood” because it cannot be see and it works only if you believe it’s there….

Unlike some other crews, we saw very little wildlife, but we had two special sightings:

– a pod of spotted dolphins goes in fron of our bow and BANG! they jump all at the same time 3 meters high out of the water: one of them, the funny guy, even flips belly-up before crashing back in the water.
Thirty seconds, and they do it once more, then I go down to get the camera and immediately they disappear!….

– a blue-beaked booby (there are 9 different species in the Galapagos) spends the whole night, despite the torrential rain, doing landing practice on our pulpit: it flyes in straight line, slightly faster than us and gradually getting alongside, then it opens the flaps (sorry, the tail feathers), lowers the landing gear and very carefully reaches for the pulpit. It stays there until a wave splashes on its bottom, flyes away and then repeats the whole practice again.


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