30 miles from the Galapagos we were very anxious: the fuel gauge was reading “zero” since an hour and although the cavalry was coming to the rescue (in the form of a Rally yacht which was carrying us a couple of jerrycans of fuel) we were afraid of finishing the tank content before their arrival, with the subsequent annoyance of cleaning filters, bleeding the circuit, who knows if it will restart and all that.

Suddenly, two triangular fins in the water: sharks?

Then, Baby sights what looks like a rock: not even the time to start worrying, and the rock sinks, lifting in the air a huge tail: a whale!!

Another fin: shark, again?  No, this time it’a a seal basking in the sun, belly up and waving hallo while we pass beside it.

More seals, this time a dozen or so, taking the sun few meters from us, and a lot of sea turtles swimming towards the still distant islands.

They all look pretty much like a welcome party!!

Then, suddenly, nothing anymore.   in the meantime the cavalry has arrived and we can now proceed full-speed towards Puerto Ayora with our new 40 liters of diesel oil sloshing in an almost-empty tank.

The harbour of Puerto Ayora is not very well sheltered but this is where we have to stay: we drop two anchors fore and aft, and look the ENORMOUS pelicans that seem to be the rulers here around.

We have not yet seen iguanas or giant turtles, but there’s plenty of time for that!


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