We are nearly there!!! Only 140 miles to our destination, and we even have enough fuel to motor, in case the wind drops!! Pity for the sky which is overcast, with some powerful squalls passing by; we missed them just by chance…. We really had enough, although in reality it’s not been too bad: 24 days to cover 3000 miles, … Continua a leggere


We seem to be sailing forever!!!  Still little more than 300 miles, say 2 and a half days, just enough to arrive by night!! This in fact assuming the wind will not drop more than it did already, and the swell does not come from still another direction (there are already waves coming from 4 different directions, creating a wave … Continua a leggere


IT’S EASTER, IT’S EASTER!!!! Right, but where are: – the traditional easter dove-shaped cake – the eggs (those we have, but they are just kid’s Kinder chocolate eggs!…) – the easter bunnies??? BUAAAH, no bunnies!… (unless Baby accepts to wear a bunny costume… no, forget it!!) Still 800 miles of boredom to reach Nuku-Hiva, and in the meantime the faster … Continua a leggere


No, I do not intend to start again with the clouds story, but last night the sky was overcast and a short, crossed swell made life unconfortable. Now it’s just a little better, so we can focus on the celebration for Baby’s birthday: main subject, the lunch menu.  For the cake, we are already set: we have a 10cm.-large rum-cake … Continua a leggere


Nothing happens since several days… Much better this way than like onboard “Cayuco”, where they are having a new problem every few days: some days ago, they snapped a chainplate, yesterday their jib-furler broke, damaging also the genoa, and now they are at the tail of the fleet so there is nobody nearby who could lend a hand (but to … Continua a leggere


10 days at sea, and we are not even halfway-through! So far we kept very high average speeds, so the trip may take significantly less than initially foreseen. This morning, a pod of pink-bellied dolphins made us company for about an hour, under a lead-colored sky which is not promising anything good. This was the first time since we left … Continua a leggere


For the time being, we are well within the pig-average, despite 24 hour with light winds that caused the despair of all the fleet! Still, in the last 24 hour we have run 120 miles (nearly 5 knots in average) thanks to a strong sub-equatorial current which is pushing us.   Now the wind is back, which should give us some … Continua a leggere


How can you motivate the crew during a month-long passage? YOU GIVE YOURSELF A TARGET! And what’s better as a target than a dinner on the beach with a pig roasted in an hole in the ground, along the traditional polinesian style?  This dinner is foreseen for the 31st of March, a date that for us is tough to achieve … Continua a leggere


Sailing from the Galapagos, the problem is: where to go.  The Marquesas are 3000 miles to the west, but also 400 miles more to the south: shall we take the straight line? Usually, that’s not a good idea: the Galapagos are almost on the equator, and here winds tend to be very light!  One must sail south, or in any … Continua a leggere


Right, the Galapagos: difficult to describe in few words! Let’s start from the islands: there are many, 5 or 6 large ones, up to 50-60 Km across, and literally tens of smaller ones, islets as well as little more than emerging rocks. Only 4 islands are inhabited, and only on Santa Cruz, where Shaula was at anchor in Academia bay, … Continua a leggere