For the time being, we are well within the pig-average, despite 24 hour with light winds that caused the despair of all the fleet!

Still, in the last 24 hour we have run 120 miles (nearly 5 knots in average) thanks to a strong sub-equatorial current which is pushing us.   Now the wind is back, which should give us some 20 more miles per day: the pig is safe!!  (or rather cooked, depending on the point of view….)

Yesterday our boom took a leave and detached from the mast!… (and obviously this all happened by night, so we noticed only in the morning).
To put it back, with its own weight plus the sail’s, it’s been hard work but now all is back where it belongs.

From here to the Marquesas it’s 2000 miles of this boredom: at least two and a half weeks to spend in the middle of nowhere but, as they say, “at sea boring is good, exciting is bad”!


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