10 days at sea, and we are not even halfway-through!

So far we kept very high average speeds, so the trip may take significantly less than initially foreseen.

This morning, a pod of pink-bellied dolphins made us company for about an hour, under a lead-colored sky which is not promising anything good.

This was the first time since we left Galapagos!

Nothing, not a bird, a dolphin, anything, not even a ship, really NOTHING.

The events of the day are the two radio-appointments: positions are compared (“here, we gained on Stagazer” or “yes but Baccus is doing one knot more than us”), little dramas unfold (Andy of “Spectra” has gone towards “Happy Wanderer” in mid-ocean to get onboard and fix their autopilot, otherwise they would have had to hand-steer all the way through the remaining 2500 miles), weather conditions are compared and analysed, trying to understand whether to head south or not (answer: it does not change a thing! I stay north because I like it this way!).

At the end, few words are exchanged with other boats (“what are you having for dinner?” “cawliflower salad” “what kind of cauliflower?” – I swear, I’m not making it up!).

In short, total boredom!!!!  …and if all goes well, it will take us two more weeks before the pig-roast.

Is it worth it?  Well for a keen sailor a circumnavigation is still a top achievement, like an 8000 for a climber, if not the Everest (which for me is still Cape Horn), but sometimes I wonder if it was not better to fly to the interesting places and charter a boat there, passages are really boring!

And if you are not careful, a nasty wave will kill you.

Well, we’ll see….


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