The other day when we arrived here, the group split in two: the anchorage by the ancient village is very near a small passe and when the tide is rising the flow of water goes exactly through the anchorage itself, with waves being created by the wind blowing in the opposite direction.  “Neva” and “Paramour”, that were just in the middle of all this, decided to venture inside the atoll in search of a quieter spot which they found a couple of miles away from “Shaula” and “Baccus” which had a problem with their anchor windlass that suddenly stopped working.  We were planning to get ashore to visit the ancient village, with the idea to reach the others the next morning.

…and that’s what we did: the new anchorage turned out to be wide and well sheltered, and the scenery was postcard-like!  Small palm-fronded islets, azure water full of fishes of all colours (today’s sightings: “Neva”, a 5-feet reef shark, Baby a moray-eel in one-feet-deep water along the island’s shore).

By 3 p.m., all ashore on the nearest “Motu” (that’s “island” in the local language), laden with all the necessary gear to rig barbecues on the beach and food enough for a platoon of starving marines!
Two rainsqualls (did I say that here it rains very often??) tried to spoil the fun, but then the sky cleared, the sun was replaced by a pan-sized moon that was providing day-like illumination, a bonfire on the beach, we circulate a bottle of “cana” (a latin-american belly-burning liquor) and we all sit on the beach staring at the show.

We return on the boats, not without difficulties because the tide has gone down and now a lot of coral heads are blocking the way threatening the dinghies’ bottoms and the outboards’ props, then Peter of “Neva” somehow manages to fall when going aboard (in a flat calm, we must point out), he blames the “cana”, then we find ourselves sittin on deck contemplating once more the scenery under the moonlight.

We were supposed to leave tomorrow to go to another island, but why bother?  This place is wonderful!

Probably we will leave directly from here next saturday to be in Tahiti in time for the arrival of our son Enrico.


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