In all the Society Islands, the mountain drops very steeply onto a narrow strip of surrounding land, typically only 20-30 meters wide and split in two by the road that tours the island itself. All this flat land is divided in property lots which belong (probably since centuries) to a family: one between the road and the mountain, and one … Continua a leggere


Right, the mith of the Polinesian beauty, the Bounty, and all that… Sorry to say, the majority of Polinesian people may be kind and welcoming, but they are definitely not good-looking: many are overweight, and the women tend to fatten with age. Men sometimes can hide fat in a big body structure, but women that can be slim and relatively … Continua a leggere


One of the common features among the Society Islands are the “Marae” (pronounced “mahrae”): just stone platforms, usually rectangular in shape and anywhere between 10 and 30 meters wide, usually with an elevated platform on one side. They can be found anywhere, but most frequently near the shore. What was their function? Typically, they were meeting places (the powerful people … Continua a leggere


We have loaded new photos covering the voyage between Panama and Polinesia. The pictures can be found at the following address: (sorry, the text is in Italian only)


Here around there are a lot of legends concerning the Scorpio constellation, which is high up in the sky; this is one I could not resist: One of the main characters in the local legends is HIRO, a sort of warrior-semi god with more than a passing resemblance with the greek mythological hero, Achilles. In the old days, kite construction … Continua a leggere


Here around one understands why the poor captain Bligh really had no chance, after a stay of several months, to convince his crew to resume sailing! After having left Tahiti for good, we dropped anchor in Opunohu Bay, on Moorea, where we had already been the week before with Enrico: wonderful anchorage behind the protection of the reef, at the … Continua a leggere


Right, once again! Clearly, the navigators of past times were not very good at inventing new names and every time they found a group of islands they named them “Windward” and “Leeward” islands! The worst case is probably that of the Dutch Antilles, which are at the same time “Leeward” as compared to the other Carribbean islands, but “Windward” in … Continua a leggere


After several months, it seems that our provider has solved the problem that did not allow us to update the BLOG by e-mail. I have partially updated the Blog with the story so-far: in few more days, taking advantage of the good wi-fi coverage in the Society Islands, I hope to complete the update and put some fotos in the … Continua a leggere