Here around one understands why the poor captain Bligh really had no chance, after a stay of several months, to convince his crew to resume sailing!

After having left Tahiti for good, we dropped anchor in Opunohu Bay, on Moorea, where we had already been the week before with Enrico: wonderful anchorage behind the protection of the reef, at the mouth of the very same bay where at least two editions of the “Mutineers of the Bounty” were filmed (the one starring Marlon Brando and the one with Mel Gibson).

In reality this harbour is much more beautiful than the place in Tahiti where the real Bounty was at anchor, not much more than a palm-fringed beach nowadays called “Venus Point”.

We were supposed to leave the next day, but we catched the first plausible excuse to stay one more day, and the we had to force ourselves to leave.

The Gods of the sea (maybe instigated by the spirit of captain Bligh??…) promptly punished us as we deserved: few hours after departure, we were reached by an unannounced front, and we spent the whole night trying (not always successfully) to dodge the rainsqualls!

Once in Huahine, we just entered the passe and immediately dropped anchor in front of the little village of Fare: there are several attractive anchorages in the island and certainly the one in front of the village is the least interesting, but there is a good dinghy dock with garbage disposal (a rarity!!), a HUGE and well-stocked supermarket, and Wi-Fi INTERNET!! I suspect we will end-up spending some time also here!

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