Right, the mith of the Polinesian beauty, the Bounty, and all that…

Sorry to say, the majority of Polinesian people may be kind and welcoming, but they are definitely not good-looking: many are overweight, and the women tend to fatten with age.

Men sometimes can hide fat in a big body structure, but women that can be slim and relatively beautiful in their teen, soon get fat and ugly.

The lack of physical exercise is a contributing factor: life is easy in these islands, food is handy, why bother?

It must be said that the Polinesian society is definitely equalitarian: women do all kinds of jobs, including driving the huge town buses, while men often wander aimlessly.

There are differences among islands, though: in Tahaa for example, people generally looks healthier and in the evening you could see a lot of kids, both males and females alike, training very hard in their pirogue races (and girls are quite strong at that!…)

Coming next: killer geese….

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