Come see the tropics, they say, sun, blue skies, beautiful girls on golden beaches, azure and clear waters, they say.

Then you find out that golden beaches are extremely infrequent and most likely an hotel has been built nearby, the sea water is often muddy due to the wave action, the girls weight over 100 kilos and it rains all the time…

Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit, obviously there are beautiful places around but the worst surprise for me has been the weather: scorching sun that burns your skin in minutes, but also frequent rain squalls lasting few minutes but very heavy and often coming together with strong wind gusts. When we are sailing we see them coming on radar and may try to dodge them, but it’s not always possible especially when they form right over your head!

Today in Tonga it’s a particularly gloomy day: it’s raining all the time and if one dares going somewhere he is sure to get a wash: let’s hope it will not continue like that in the next days or we risk to be unable to enjoy what was supposed to be one of the more exotic stops in this voyage!

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