We are sailing from Fiji to Port Vila, Vanuatu: initially the wind was very light and in the first couple of days we seldom switched the engine off. Since yesterday the wind has built up from the SE between 20 and 25 knots, and we are speeding towards our destination at an average of more than 140 miles per day, that we have been able to achieve only in few occasions before.

For a supposedly constant wind, tradewinds have turned out to be quite capricious!
We complicated our life though, by not having a dedicated downwind-sailing configuration, and the result is that we lose about 1 knot compared to similar-sized boats when sailing straight downwind.
Conversely, we keep the pace of even larger boats when the wind is broad on the beam, but unfortunately these conditions are not all too frequen and, if they persist for one or two days, generate a heavy side swell which makes us roll uncomfortably.

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, tomorrow we should arrive in Port Vila!

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