“What are we going to do during our stay in Australia?”

“We may visit the interior, to see the Kangaroos”.

“Eeeeck, are you crazy? There are CROCODILES in the rivers, and deadly SNAKES hiding in the bushes, waiting for the unsuspecting passer-by, and PYTHONS, and DINGOs….”

“We will sail along the islands of the Great Barrier reef then, diving on the coral banks”.

“Eeeeck, are you crazy? There are SHARKS there, not those puny 3-meter-long things of Polinesia, but real, BIG man-eaters! And then there are the BOX-JELLYFISH, almost invisible and DEADLY, and the SCORPION-FISH!! Do you really want to die young???”.

“Ok then, we will sail along the coast and anchor in the river mouths”.

“Eeeeck, are you crazy? There are the SEA CROCODILES, 7-meter long beasts and very AGGRESSIVE as well, they even EAT their freshwater cousins! And then there is the risk that SNAKES may climb aboard, and then you need to call the Rangers to get rid of them, because they are a protected species (the snakes, not the tourists…)”.

“Ok then, we will sail straight to Darwin without stopping”.

“Eeeeck, are you crazy? Sailing at night among the reefs and rocks of the Great Barrier??? Even Captain Cook hit the shore here!….”.

“Well, yes, but Cook did not have charts, he was actually MAKING them for the first time!”.

“No no no no no, you know what? We go to Darwin sailing OUTSIDE the Barrier, and then fly to Sidney, where the worst thing that could happen is to be run-down by a car!…”

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