Also in Australia they have their share of Boobies, although not as brightly-colored like the ones so common in Galapagos; these birds fly far out at sea and are great fishers, but they have a somewhat dumb look that inspires sympathy.

Yesterday evening, a booby tried for some time to land on Shaula, first aiming at the crosstrees and later at the inviting landing strip of the large solar panel above the stern, which in reality is dangerous due to the rotating blades of the wind generator and to the presence of two radio aerials.

After several attempts, he seemed to have given up; in the meantime darkness had come, and we started having dinner in the cockpit, as we often do when conditions allow.

Suddenly, SBOIIIIING, the aerials on the stern vibrated violently, and a feather-ball fell behind, towards the sea: the boobie had tried again to land, and in the dark he did not see the aerials and hit them with its wingtip, losing balance!

We could not see what happened to him, but I do not think he was seriously hurt: he probably rested for a while, sitting in the water and wondering what had happened…

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