Not all Australian animals are either venomous or aggressive, but seeing one is tough!

Once past the thorough immigration and quarantine procedures and well settled in the huge Mackay Marina, it was time to start exploring the neighborhood.

First visit, the Cape Hillsborough National Park: here Kangaroos use to descend onto the beach, but they were informed of our arrival and went elsewhere!

On our way back, we saw one merrily jumping away: we are told it’s a Wallaby and not a Kangaroo, although the difference is not evident to us and then who cares, we saw ONE!

Next visit, the Eungella National Park: one and a half hour by car to arrive there, and then we place ourselves near a little river where Platipi are known to live. Half an hour waiting, and a Platipus makes a brief appearance: we expected something as big as a beaver, while it’s much smaller, but at least we saw ONE!

On our way back, we spot a Cookaburra sitting on a tree, so check this one out!

Not a lot, for 2 days and 300 dollars worth of trips….

Yesterday at last we left Mackay with Shaula3, bound for Cairns by way of the supposedly very beautyfull Whitsunday islands, where we plan to spend a few days jumping from one island to the other.

Oddly, no wind: not a good sign, it means the weather is unsettled, but at least in a flat-calm sea we have crossed paths with a whale!! It was about time, ALL in the Rally have spotted whales in large numbers, while we had only spotted in the distance the tail of a Spermwhale when we were approaching Galapagos and that was all!!

Then this afternoon, two HUGE sea-turtles were mating unashamedly less than 100 metres away, oblivious to all moored boats!

We still miss:

– Real Kangaroos
– Crocodiles, both the river and the sea variety (and we can easily do without!)
– Assorted Snakes (same concept applies)
– Killer Jellyfishes (same…)
– Man-eating sharks (no thanks!…)

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