Along the Australian eastern coastline, winds blow most of the time between East and South-East with brief exceptions usually lasting only 2 or 3 days; only in Spring, between October and December, the wind may blow from the North for sustained periods of time.

The Australian yachtsman who decides to venture north from Sidney or Brisbane may therefore have to wait until Springtime to sail the boat back home…

No wonder therefore that the area around the Whitsunday islands is so popular, with so many islands few miles one from the other and many beautyfull and sheltered harbours which can be easily reached from one of the several marinas along the coast to spend a whole vacation hopping from one island to the next.

Many charter boats, we even met an Italian family who came over here for a vacation!

Most islands are part of a National Park, so there are almost no infrastructures on land, apart from a few walking tracks.

Covered by a lush vegetation and with relatively few beaches that almost disappear at high tide, the islands are rich of fauna: whales pass nearby with their newly-born, and we saw many large sea-turtles swimming without fear among the anchored yachts. In some harbours there should also be Dugongs, but we have not been so lucky to spot them.

Birds aplenty, including some huge and noisy white parrots that in the morning went from one yacht to the other.

We did not see crocodiles, which do not come often so much offshore, although some years ago one was spotted in one of the northern islands) and we did not dare bathing in a rather murky water (although we have been told that some areas are very good for snorkeling).

In Hook island we climbed up to a small cave which used to be an aboriginal settlement: a mound of empty shells on the outside, and some drawings, whose meaning is quite obscure, on the inside of the cave (to me, they seem like fishing nets: who knows, maybe they were representing each fishing season spent on the island? As good a theory as any!…).

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