Eh yes, we were very envious of some other crews that sighted a lot of whales, while we never saw one, even when we were in the same area of the lucky ones!

Then, few days ago while we were sailing in the narrow passages around the Whitsunday islands, we sighted one which surfaced just beside us, with the regulatory blow and all, and next day we saw two more which were swimming side-by-side.

Two days ago, we decided to stop for few hours at Orpheus island, while waiting for the rising tide to allow us entry into the Hinchinbrook channel, and there we really saw whales!!

One sighting was very peculiar: the whale was keeping her big tail vertical out of the water, without moving, then after a while we saw a calf (4 or 5 meters of “baby”!…) swimming around the tail which kept staying still.
We tiptoed away, to avoid any possible reaction from the mother in defense of the baby, while wondering what could be the reason for that strange posture: was she feeding the baby? Was she delivering it? We will have to document ourselves.

Later we went into the Hinchinbrook channel, where we decided to spend the night: beautyfull and highly scenic, but we saw very little living forms, just few birds (and no crocs, so far!!).

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