Along the northern shores of Australia smuggling (both of people and of various other stuff, mostly drugs) is a real problem so the Australians are taking it seriously. Two days ago, a cry from below-decks: “GIAAAN, there’s an echo on the radar that is coming at us very faaaast!” I look forwards, nothing, then I bend to look under the … Continua a leggere


We passed Cape York, the northernmost tip of Queensland, and we officially left the Coral Sea: we are now in the Arafura Sea (never heard before? we neither!) and we are asking ourselves whether this is or not a part of the Indian Ocean (probably it is?). The passage around the Cape has been very fast, with a strong favourable … Continua a leggere


After Cooktown and Lizard Island, another peculiar experience: the other day we anchored at Morris Island, a typical example of the islands in this part of the Great Barrier: a wide coral reef just under the surface, and a tiny islet just protruding out of the water, covered with bush and the occasional palm tree. We anchored in a “cove” … Continua a leggere


One of the many possible ways to read this voyage is through the great characters who are tied to the various places: Christopher Columbus in Canary islands and through the Atlantic, Nelson in Antigua, Drake in Portobello and Panama, Darwin at the Galapagos islands, Bougainville and Cook along the Pacific Islands. Along the route we are currently sailing, going north … Continua a leggere