Two things of which there is no shortage in Indonesia: not only the islands are obviously of volcanic origin, but there are several active ones as well: yesterday we anchored at the foot of one, a 3000-meter high mountain, just in front of a tiny fishermen’s village.

We went ashore with the dinghy, zigzagging around fishing boats of all shapes, and once on the beach we were surrounded by all the village’s kids, discreetly watched by the adults from a distance.
Our attempts at communication did not go far, as nobody speaks a word of each other’s language, but soon we found a game that fascinated the kids: photos!! They love being fotographed, and they laugh like crazy when they see themselves on the cameras’ screen!

As soon as you point your camera towards one of them, they rush to form a group, all smiling from ear to ear; they all follow us along the only road that, after about a kilometer, leads to a somewhat larger and better-kept village.
The houses are all built on stilts and are very different one from the other: some have features obviously copied from western-style houses, others are all-wooden and garishly painted, others are completely ceramic-tiled.

There is also some “shop” selling soft-drinks, rice, mysterious brightly-coloured bags and not much more.

Back to the boats, three of the more adventurous kids find a small canoe and come to greet us, gaining some cookies as a reward. Smiles abound!

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