We are sailing, in an abnormally hot and wind-less day, to turn around the island of Phuket and reach the western coast, with two objectives: first, spend new year’s eve watching the fireworks from the beach of Patong (a sort of asian version of Jesolo Lido, overcrowded by western tourists) and, once recovered, sail towards Sri Lanka.
It’s a 1100 miles passage which should take about 8 or 9 days.

The island of Phuket has probably been the least interesting part of Thailand, but from here we have been able to go to Bangkok (and some more adventurous crews have gone even farther to places like Cheng Mai, in the Country’s far north) and later to sail around the Phang Nga bay, among spectacular sceneries, tens of rock pillars jutting out of the water, fishes, eagles, huge bats, and the unavoidable “longtails” carrying tourists to every place!…

In fact, crowding is the worst aspect of these places, however nice and interesting; not surprisingly, this is where we have seen the highest number of western people who came here to settle, very often middle-aged europeans who found a local woman and never went away: it’s the myth of the Polinesian vahinè, which becomes real in an entirely different place!…

In the end, we have re-evaluated our first impression of the Country which initially we did not like, while in fact it’s just Phuket which is not the best place.

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