“You will soon tire of the Maldives, there is nothing to do there”, they told us. “A week doing nothing in a coral atoll?? My dream!” was the reaction of many of us, so most of the Rally fleet headed for the island of Uligan, the only official entry port in the northernmost atoll of the Maldives. The place turned … Continua a leggere


Since when we left Gibraltar, the Rally has organised fund-raising events to collect money to help Sri-Lankan families hit by the Tsunami disater; quite obviously, we were expecting to get a friendly welcome, to say the least. Instead, the first disappointment came even before landfall, when the first boats arriving in port alerted by e-mail that the Navy patrol inspecting … Continua a leggere


One of the suggestions for the New Year’s Eve in Phuket was to anchor in Patong harbour and watch the fireworks: do not go ashore, though, it’s dangerous, everybody said. Said, done! From Yacht Haven Marina we sailed all the way around the southern end of Phuket to reach Patong that woud have been only 16 miles away around the … Continua a leggere