One of the suggestions for the New Year’s Eve in Phuket was to anchor in Patong harbour and watch the fireworks: do not go ashore, though, it’s dangerous, everybody said.

Said, done! From Yacht Haven Marina we sailed all the way around the southern end of Phuket to reach Patong that woud have been only 16 miles away around the !impassable northern end (there is a low road bridge connecting Phuket with the mainland there).

Once in Patong, we discovered that the wind had shifted to the north-west, to which the harbour is not sheltered, making the anchorage very rolly. Only few of the Rally yachts had remained there instead of seeking shelter elsewhere, and there was no plan to do anything in company during the night.

We settled for a cosy dinner in the cockpit, while watching the show: we expected it to e a coordinated, well coreographed show, maybe half an hour and that’s it, but it was nothing of the sort!

In fact there was no coordination at all: everybody, from various spots on the beach, presumably hotels and restaurants, was firing his own stuff, continuously for 2 or 3 hours.
At the same time, from the town main square tiny hot-air balloons were launched quite literally by the thousands, filling the sky with their lights: something we never saw before, and very spectacular.

Initially, we were a bit disappointed by what seemed a rather low-profile show, but we were gradually fascinated by the view of the whole bay dotted by fireworks, with the sky filled by star-like lights, and then there was the grand finale, in the last minutes before midnight!

It’s been an unusual show, and we liked it very much, despite the discomfort caused by the swell.

We were planning to leave the next day towards Sri Lanka, but thye swell had abated, and in the end lazyness prevailed…

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