Yesterday morning, Djibouti was already in sight and we were motoring in flat calm. An e-mail from Rally Control: “if you carry a supertanker with you, I won’t do the customs clearance for it!!” raises some smiles, but we are still in Somali waters and not at all safe yet; also in the previous Rally there was a suspicious episode … Continua a leggere


Yesterday, it was a very tense day: a couple of hours after the emergency call, the Captain of “Saldana” answered a call from the Coalition Forces, confirming that the ship had been hijacked by the pirates, who demanded the warships to stay away. Presumably they were already sailing towards someplace in Somalia. It had been a surprise attack, taking advantage … Continua a leggere


In the previos Rallies, the yachts sailed from the Maldives towards a secret meeting point off Socotra (an island which is the arab-equivalent of what Tortuga was in the Caribbean: a place where the pirate is a well-respected job, passed from father to son….); due to the light winds, it happaned that the yachts ran out of fuel even before … Continua a leggere


When we sail, we are always cautious not to disturb the fishermen at work: after all, they are at sea to earn a living, while we are just having fun. Sometimes though, they behave as if they were the owners of the sea: – everywhere around the world, never giving way also when they are not fishing and therefore have … Continua a leggere


We are all a bit puzzled: we are hundreds of miles from the nearest shore and the wind is very variable, both in direction and speed, strengthening at dawn like if it was a breeze: somebody guesses that maybe it’s due to the extreme weather conditions of the Himalayas, but these are thousands of miles away. Who knows?? In the … Continua a leggere


All good so far, we are enjoying one of the best sailings of the whole voyage, with a nice breeze on the beam and no waves, which allow us to reach a good speed, also with the help of a favourable current. Only problem, the fishing boats that lay huge (up to 5 miles long!) floating nets, little or not … Continua a leggere