Yesterday, it was a very tense day: a couple of hours after the emergency call, the Captain of “Saldana” answered a call from the Coalition Forces, confirming that the ship had been hijacked by the pirates, who demanded the warships to stay away. Presumably they were already sailing towards someplace in Somalia.

It had been a surprise attack, taking advantage of the first lights of dawn, and the ship’s crew did not notice the attackers until it was too late as they were boarding the ship: the warships patrolling the area would have not been able to do anything, even if they were nearby!

The merchant ships in the corridor have visibly decreased in number (maybe they are being forced to group into convoys?) and are running at full speed, some of them with their fire hoses spraying high-pressure water near their topsides to make an attack less easy.

We have no other choice than proceed although we feel rather lonely, and the fact that no Coalition ship has answered our calls for several hours does not help at all!

This morning at dawn, same routine: a tanker which is few miles from us calls for help saying that several speedboats are heading towards them at full speed.
This time a warship is nearby and promises to send an helicopter within few minutes, and in the meantime tells the tanker to reverse course: with some concern, we see the shadow of a nearby ship turn around, they are really very near!!
….And what if the pirates, having failed the attack to the ship, choose to attack us? We follow the events, then the tanker’s captain calls again: “I see them, there are six of them, now they have slowed down but are still coming towards us and are in position…” and thenm he gives the coordinates of…OUR POSITON!!!

The idiot has seen us, who were certainly not going at 12 knots and definetely not towards them, and got scared calling for help!….

The helicopter arrives, saying that he believed us to be a group of sailboats (they know our position) and the incident is soon closed; we can breathe and make a few jokes about it.

We have decided that if the pirates get anywhere near, WE WILL ATTACK THEM!!! ARRRRH!!!…

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