We left Djibouti a couple of days ago, after about one week spent in this former French colony.

We have been able to restore our stock of hard-to-find foods, but for quite a price: everything here is very expensive and the locals seem bent on relieving us of our currency, even to the point of coming aboard at night and steal money and other items from the boats, while the occupants sleep.

At least 3 boats have been robbed, and they have boarded also Shaula, although in our case they did not take the risk of coming inside, with me sleeping in the saloon, and took nothing; rather disturbing, nonetheless!!

Pity for this country which is really spectacular, sitting just on top of the rift fail that one day will cut Africa in two, with salt lakes of which one is the third lowest point on earth (150 meters below sea level), a so-called “primary” forest that is told to resemble the first forests on the planet, volcanic grounds and hill jutting out of the plains.

Also the people, once outside the town, is mostly kind and welcoming; they obviously live a very simple but dignified life, the only real shantytowns being near the main town.

Along the road from Djibouti to the northern town of Tadjoura, we see small groups of people walking along: they are illegal immigrants, coming from Ethiopia and bound for Yemen and the Saudi Arabia: a terrible voyage under the scorching sun, still nobody cares or stops them.

Now the Red Sea awaits us: over 1000 miles to the next destination, and probably a good part of them will be against the dominant winds that often blow at gale force. It will be tough!

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