We have sand everywhere, even the windward side of the rigging is brown, all ropes are brown, and our T-shirts are streaked in brown, it’s a lost battle!!

After 3 days in a marsa with thye wind blowing at nearly 40 knots (the desert is not the best shelter from the wind!) the forecasts were promising three days of light winds, so we all upped anchor and motored north in the hope to reach Port Ghalib, a marina along the Egyptian coast.

After less than two days, the forecasts changed, announcing the impending return of strong northerlies, so we changed course and came into Port Berenice. There is no port here, there was one 2300 years ago, and Berenice was the mother of the then king Tolomeus II, but since then the place lost its relevance and now there is only sand, plenty of it!!

We are beginning to wonder how come the desert still has some sand in it, by now it should be empty!!

Outside it’s blowing over 25 knots, tomorrow should be the worst day, we spend the time resting and doing little jobs. Maybe we will be able to leave next tuesday or wednesday…

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